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RESINEX to distribute DOW`s new DOWLEX TM GM Product Range for Blown- and Cast-Film

Pan-European Distributor RESINEX are enhancing their presence in the flexible packaging market, with the introduction of new grades for blown- and cast-film market from global polyethylene leader Dow.

RESINEX are proud to introduce Dow’s new “DOWLEXTM GM” LLDPE product range, based on post-metallocene catalyst, across Europe. These grades outperform general mLLDPE C6 materials in terms of processing, optics and seal strength. “DOWLEXTM GM” grades can be well blended with the wide range of Dow`s other high-performance Polyethylene’s to further improve properties. They are available as DOWLEXTM GM 8490 (for cast-film) and GM 8090 and GM 8091 (for blown-film).

TMTrademark The Dow Chemical Company